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He's my childhood. What represented who I used to be and who I am now. College. Such an exciting phase. 1 year to go and I'm out of it. But after watching Toy Story 3 weeks ago, I realized I missed being a kid. The Toy Story trilogy has stuck there all along.

I missed that time that I used to play toy cars especially my little red Ferrari Matchbox. Yes I had Barbie dolls but I enjoyed having Matchbox cars to play with on sand dunes, carving man-made roads with my little brother Ian, spending endless hours in the sun under the shade of our backyard trees. The fresh air, the sweet scent of weekend afternoons and trickling sweat that children ignore for the sake of playtime.

Back then, everything was simpler. Fun was easily attainable, all you had to do was play. I won't lie... it made me cry to see Andy leaving for college. It's like knowing that a part of me had gone away. Childhood. How I miss it the most.

But we can never head back, only forward though you can always choose to look behind and reminisce the good memories. You can always choose to remember your old self.

I don't really know what has driven me to write this mushy post about childhood but everytime I see that picture of young and grown-up Andy I can't help but to miss myself. :')

See you soon little Iris, I love you. ♥

The Maine

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Randomly out of nothing I opened Ma's laptop and did two covers. I was on The Maine fever this weekend (blame my brother for his awesome music taste) and so I did these:

I was inspired okay? ♥ Anyway, let me know what you think.





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