Mongolian Dinner [01/28/2012]

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Tyler had been sick with cough and runny nose for 2 days so I had to urge him to go to the doctor. We went to Festival Mall Alabang to have him checked and turns out it was acute bronchitis. It wasn't so bad as he expected (he didn't like going to doctors) but we ended up having Mongolian cuisine for dinner, thanks to my parents who treated us for yummy foods. 
Located at the 3rd floor in Festival Mall Alabang, The Mongolian Quick Stop is a delectable heaven for food trippers. The first time I ate here was when Papa took all four of us siblings to eat. Since then I loved the place! They prepare fresh veggies everyday, serving fresh lumpia, chopsuey and salad and they do not use monosodium glutamate or MSG to add flavor to the food. The thing that I admire the most is its wide variety of choices in their humble menu for a very affordable price. They also serve FREE soup along with your meal!
My honeyglazed chicken, egg, rice, soup & iced tea.

Deep-fried calamari with garlic & mayo dip

Thank you for the treat Mama & Papa!

They also offer food delivery via (or call 212-1212) and advance food order for pickup if you call the respective branch's phone line. Click here for more info. 
If you're tired of the usual fast-food and on a budget like me, I highly recommend Mongolian Quick Stop! You won't regret it!
x Iris

* Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.
Love is a commitment. This is what Tyler and I believed in. And this is our story. 
I am proud to say that after 6 months long distance, almost a year of engagement and 1 year of being together as a couple, we've finally tied the knot. What started as a stranger-to-stranger connection from Omegle quickly became guitar buddies and eventually... best friends and lovers.

The First Encounter
Tyler and I first met on Omegle on the night of Halloween 2010. I was bored from trying to play my guitar (coincidentally, my guitar's name is Tyler too) and looking for chords online when I decided to go on chat online around 11 or 12 AM and probably talk to somebody out of the blue just cause I couldn't sleep yet. According to Tyler, he just got off from his previous work and he got home, went on his computer and on Omegle.
I honestly couldn't remember what our first conversation is, but I ended up getting his Skype and Facebook. :D

The Chase

We shared a lot of things in common. What I liked most from him is that he knows how to carry a conversation and his neverending zest to be funny. He makes me laugh and has a lot of wit to back-up his humor. 
We mostly talked about guitars, music that we liked and recording songs. He gave me this demo mp3 of a song he made and I liked it. We swapped stuff that we wrote and sang and it became quite a habit. We talked day and night, even 8 hours on Skype! We bonded over How I Met Your Mother and both came to a conclusion that Barney Stinson and Marshall Eriksen are our favorite characters. I knew we liked each other but I knew it was impossible that there was something more to this. We live on the opposite ends of the world so it couldn't be what it should be.
He kept on asking me to approve the relationship request on Facebook, though I always tell him it shows as "sister (family) request" on mine. (Of course I was just dodging; I didn't wanna ruin a good friendship just yet). Still, he was persistent.
On November 11, 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes.

 The Long Distance Relationship

A lot of people have been skeptic as to why we were even striving hard to keep a long distance relationship working then when we haven't seen nor experienced being with each other in person.
There was even a time that breaking up crossed our minds and thought it would be better to let it go. We don't know when will be the day that he and I will finally meet and hold each other's hands.

In all honesty we were never sure of anything but one thing: we liked each other and we seemed to click. Don't get me wrong - we had our ups and downs like normal couples too but we managed to get past almost everything. Patience, trust and understanding truly pays off. We kept in contact for as long as we could and by summer he planned a trip to Philippines to visit me and my family.

 The Engagement
The first time Tyler visited Philippines was in May 2011 and he only had 3 weeks to stay. It's wonderful we didn't have any awkward moment from the first time we met each other. It's like... I have known him my whole life.
When Tyler & I first met in person (May, summer of 2011) 
After fetching him from the airport with my parents and drove to my condo, he popped the question and knelt on his knees with his mom's heirloom ring in his hand.
"Will you marry me?"
"Yes," I replied with a big smile :)

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend..."
The Decision
Two months after, he returned here. The second time was in August 2011 and he extended his tourist visa up to February 2012 so he and I could spend more time like other normal couples. We had to make up for lost time.
Tagaytay (May 2011)
Enjoying our lovely summer together (May 2011)

We both decided to get married. We were sure of it. He asked my parents for their consent and knowing that they were quite strict, I thought they'd tell Tyler to wait 5 years or more. Surprisingly, after months of knowing him and seeing him mingle with us they liked him and finally gave their blessing.
At Rack's Mall Of Asia; (L-R) Me, Tyler, Tito Bing, my 2nd youngest sister Ia Mae, Mama & Papa 

The Preparation
We ditched our plan to get married by November 11, 2011 because we knew a lot of people would get married then. And plus, we wanted a new date to celebrate.
We gathered most of what we needed before Christmas. We went to the US Embassy, the city hall in the town I live in, seminars and everything. By end of January all of it was done.

 The Wedding

We got married January 25, 2012. It was a lovely Wednesday. We decided on that date because it was also my late grandfather's birthday. It was a simple celebration - just my parents (my siblings were aware of but they were at school so they couldn't attend) and a handful of close friends.
I couldn't ask for more. I'm glad to have him in my life now.
This is where our new life begins.




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