I've been looking for an effective blackheads remover but not until today have I found it. I was grocery shopping at the local mall when I spotted this on the shelf:

I tried it right away when I got home. It came in a pack of 3's in a set all taped up together. When I opened it and spread it on my face it reminded me of the consistency of Elmer's Glue! The instruction at the back said to wait 15 minutes until it hardens to be ready for removal. 15 minutes had passed, I peeled off the white mask that surrounded my face (it was tight!) but surprisingly felt good!
The mask was easy to peel and it smelled really nice. It's my first time to use a blackhead remover mask and this brand has already has made its way as my favorite!
I've tested it for a day and I can say it's truly effective! For a very affordable price of 51 for a set of 3's, you're getting your money's worth. My skin was smoother than ever and 95% of oil & blackheads were gone!
So in summary, the downside is the glue-like sticky feel when applying at first and the little redness of your face when you take it off but I totally I love it! It's amazing when I find great products like these! How about you? Do know any effective blackhead remover? What's your favorite? :)

x Iris

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