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I miss watching CSI and Kyle XY, reading approx. 8 books in one month, drowning in PHP/CSS/HTML for fun.

I want to be my old self again.

Your Hair Is On Fire

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Album by Leslie Hunt. I discovered her through the awesome site of Jamendo. Alternative pop rock sounds so good. Well, anything with the genré "alternative" will always sound good!

I think I love her already. ♥ Good music to listen to while I do my plates.

Here's the track list:

1. American Dream Man
2. Your Hair Is On Fire
3. All The Way
4. Let Them Go
5. Way Too Much
6. First Date
7. I Only Care About You When You're Gone
8. Alone Tonight
9. I_
10. Down Day
11. Lonely Home
12. Sea I Provide
13. Open Your Eyes

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Space planning could be hard, you know?

Standard requirements for a restaurant, oh you give me headache. But at least I now have the e-book copy of Time Saver Standards for Interior Design & Space Planning. I could cry happy tears! :') My project this time is a contemporary Moroccan resto-café.




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