Mongolian Dinner [01/28/2012]

Posted by Iris On 11:22 PM
Tyler had been sick with cough and runny nose for 2 days so I had to urge him to go to the doctor. We went to Festival Mall Alabang to have him checked and turns out it was acute bronchitis. It wasn't so bad as he expected (he didn't like going to doctors) but we ended up having Mongolian cuisine for dinner, thanks to my parents who treated us for yummy foods. 
Located at the 3rd floor in Festival Mall Alabang, The Mongolian Quick Stop is a delectable heaven for food trippers. The first time I ate here was when Papa took all four of us siblings to eat. Since then I loved the place! They prepare fresh veggies everyday, serving fresh lumpia, chopsuey and salad and they do not use monosodium glutamate or MSG to add flavor to the food. The thing that I admire the most is its wide variety of choices in their humble menu for a very affordable price. They also serve FREE soup along with your meal!
My honeyglazed chicken, egg, rice, soup & iced tea.

Deep-fried calamari with garlic & mayo dip

Thank you for the treat Mama & Papa!

They also offer food delivery via (or call 212-1212) and advance food order for pickup if you call the respective branch's phone line. Click here for more info. 
If you're tired of the usual fast-food and on a budget like me, I highly recommend Mongolian Quick Stop! You won't regret it!
x Iris

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