Easter [04/08/2012]

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It's a tradition in my country to observe what we call "The Holy Week". It's a week of reflection for Roman Catholics with respect to Jesus Christ's suffering before he was crucified onto the cross. For us Filipinos, we are not allowed to eat meat for one whole week until Easter Sunday has come.
In our local community, my mother was tasked to make the float for the early morning parade. She thought it was going to be Mama Mary's so she made her pretty plastic flowers to a very beautiful illuminated rosary that embraces the carriage. Little did she know that it was for Jesus Christ's statue. She was very ecstatic about it that she asked us all to come and get up early to witness it for the so-called "salubong" (in Tagalog language, it means in verb form "to welcome" or "the welcome" in noun form)I've seen the float the night before even though it wasn't illuminated and it was pretty just by itself. Too bad I didn't get to take pictures but I think Mama has them in her digicam. The salubong starts at around 3 or 4am and the parade follows the carriage on its way to church. Little children can become participants too and they are dressesd as angels.
We got to the church really early. Surprisingly this is quite near to our village. It's at the back end after turning left to Salitran Road. When Mama came to see us we sat down at the pew and listened to the mass. Honestly, I haven't been to church for like 6 months or so! Shame of me, I know. One hour is just a little sacrifice for the whole week of good time I have in my life. But I think if I'd ever get to church I'd go really early so I wouldn't feel so sleepy compared to the afternoon attendance we usually get to go to.
After the mass, we were on the road to have our second breakfast in McDonald's. Second because we already ate at 7-Eleven before we got to church, it was when we couldn't get to the parade so we waited for Mama instead. And while on the road as I was saying... look what my awesome find is:
Man in motorcycle with his cool Reese's bag
So yeah my siblings and I were like, "oooooh look at that cool guy and his Reese's bag!" I scrambled to get the camera and take the precious shot. It was so funny we couldn't get over it. It would also be mindblowing if he had loaded real Reese's peanut butter bars in there! And where could I get a Reese's backpack too? Oh the things you find when traveling...
We had a really good family time today. Moments like this are one of the things I treasure the most. When everything is fine and we're all complete. Sundays like this are the best.
My sister and I just being kawaii (lol not really)
Before heading to McDonald's. It's freaking hot in where I am!

How about you? How do you like your Sundays?

x Iris

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