Holidays 2011 [12/25/11 - 01/01/12]

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Christmas Day. Supposed to be attending my 1st godchild's christening at Quezon City but was stuck in traffic at Baclaran 'round high noon. My cousin Dianne (from my mother's side) gave birth to a baby boy named Yuan Dominick & I was chosen to be the godmother (no, I am not that old!) Didn't get there on time so I just paid them a visit and gave my "pamasko" (Christmas gift).
We then left to visit Papa's relatives who also live in the same city. I got to visit my lovely Tiya Weng (tiya in Filipino is aunt; she's my paternal grandmother's sister) and the kins in the compound. This is Tyler's 1st grand meeting with them.
Me, Mama and Tiya Weng
With my youngest sister at the farthest left.

Tyler & Tiya Weng

Playing my aunt's guitar
It was 10pm when we were on the road back home when Papa asked to stop by at The Seaside near CCP Complex.

I took the cam so I didn't have a shot with them here. .___.

A day before the New Year.
Parents invited Tyler and me to SM Mall of Asia; Papa was going to have his reunion with his college batchmates. I took this opportunity to take Tyler out for a date. 

By the Bay
Seaside Boulevard
Mama, Irylle, Tyler and I were supposed to eat at Gerry's Grill but it was so full during lunch that we had to relocate. Tyler saw a Mediterranean restaurant back from where we entered so he suggested the place.
It was Cafe Mediterranean: Flavors Of The Sun.
Mama ordering something from the menu

They have neat authentic interiors which makes it more appealing to eat in!

Table mosaic.

...he ordered Kofta Burger. I ordered a Moussaka.
The foods were really delectable, I was already full when I ate 1/2 or 3/4 of my Moussaka. Cafe Mediterranean is a much affordable resto than it seems (large dishes are around PHP 250 per person; tall refillable iced teas are PHP 75) but it's not something you could eat every day of the week. It'd probably good to check in once or twice a month - reserve it on special occasions.
By the end of the day, we found ourselves being tugged to this swinging Galleon that Irylle asked us to ride in. Tyler and I obliged knowing it would make my youngest sister happy.
We had boxed cheesecakes as take-home desserts too. Too bad I didn't get a hold of pictures of those.

New Year's Eve.
Two things were abundant that night: food and fireworks.  
Empty street outside the house.
Watermelon balls.

Skitty, our cat of 5 years.

Rainbow puto (puto is a Filipino delicacy; it's cupcake made of rice flour)

Tyler's favorite: Mama's homestyle spaghetti.

My plate!

The chef who cooked everything that is delicious. My mama.

More spaghetti and chicken & beef frankfurts.
Hope you're all having a good start this 2012!

x Iris

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