When the spark and smoke had died from the air after midnight, everybody knew it was a signal of a fresh new start. A brave new take on life. January 2 was ours.
My Christmas gift for Tyler not only ended with the English-Tagalog books I gave him because after the ceasefire from New Year's fireworks, we went to Festival Mall to claim his PHP 600 voucher I got from Ensogo (worth PHP 1339) for Jethro Shooting Range. It was 50 rounds of pure fun and ammunition.
When we got there it turns out he can't use the voucher cause he's a foreigner & they said only a local can use it (even though it wasn't stated in the Ensogo voucher terms & conditions; it only said it could be transferable as a gift). He had to avail of the PHP 3k package. I was sad because it was supposed to be my gift to him. Anyway, he said it's okay and that it was fate that maybe we were meant to go shoot some bullets together so he just told me to use the voucher myself. I was hesitant at first, but after Tyler's great persuasion skills I gave in to his request. We actually got 30% off according to the lady so he only had to pay PHP 2100 instead compared to this other shooting range we saw in Quezon City which was like PHP 1600 for each person, bullets not yet included.

He held a .45 mm caliber gun and I took the .9 mm caliber. His gun was louder than mine but when I was shooting he told me that mine was louder. I don't know, probably we went deaf! After getting used to the explosion and the recoil, everything was fine. It was actually fun! :P
We left the shooting range trigger-happy and as a deal for making me go shooting with him, he treated me to our favorite, New York Fries & Dip (NYFD) and a heap of Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

We bore with the liquid cheese dip because I only had one honey mustard & yep I used it up all.


It was fulfilling to see Tyler happy, especially cause he was really into guns and skill-shooting. I practically shot the whole guy's body (see photo: left) - sorry black guy; but Tyler really hollowed out the guts on his (right)! 
I had fun too I must admit, even though gun shooting wasn't my thing. But hey! At least Tyler and I now have another thing in common! And plus, I kinda conquered the gun there. I might actually shoot again!
x Iris

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