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Since I got my salary from my freelance project with my uncle, I used the money to buy some good stuff. To people who know me so well they're aware that thrift shopping is my thing so when somebody tipped me over at this thrift shop somewhere within the vicinity, I asked Mama if I could use the car and if she wanted to go with me to find some cheap goodies.
Candies in the car! 

The moment we parked in front of the thrift shop I knew I was in for a thrill ride! There were pretty dresses everywhere most of which were sold for 120-180!

There were only a handful of people when we arrived, although as Mama and I have noticed, the number grew just after minutes when we were scouring the racks of clothes.
They have 2 floors of thrift goodness!
The thrift shop was really a heaven! The ground floor was for the new arrivals (most of which are SO PRETTY!) and the 2nd floor features everything that's 50% off! I was literally pulling anything that I see from the racks. 
Everything I got amounted to almost PHP 4,000+, which were like 28 beautiful pieces of clothes. Boy, shopping sure takes a toll on my wallet but hey, I got good stuffs!
Mama looking at some polo from the rack.

PHP 25.00 sign.

Shopping was a good mother-daughter bonding too! Mama and I are definitely gonna be back at that place. I even scored a faux leather jacket for only PHP 280! Can you believe that? And anybody who saw that jacket told me it was gorgeous and didn't even think it was thrifted!
SM Molino in a very festive mood.
When we got home, Mama told me she'd be going to SM and pay at BDO. So when she was at the bank, I went to National Bookstore to look at some books. Most of them, were for my revitalized hobby...

I think I spent a good 30 minutes in that section alone, scouring through everything that breezes through my hands. I wanted to buy so much photography books but then again, I won't be able to use it that much unless I actually own a DSLR. I'm still sticking to my good ole Agfa Digicam anyway. Plus, I'd rather spend on books later when I'm upgraded. For now, I can just read tutorials on the internet for free :D

However, I came to National Bookstore for a very good reason. I was going to buy a very nice gift for Tyler.
A handy phrase book and an English-Tagalog dictionary for my love.
UPDATE [12/29/11]: He loved the books I gave him! I told him it'd be very useful on his travel. And also, it would be a good read on his plane back home or when he misses me. As a gift to me, he gave me a necklace that he made himself. It was a coin necklace with genuine Yens and a 5-centavo coin. I love handmade stuff! He was so frantic cause he didn't know if I would like his gift that he even cut his finger while making it.
Tyler is very sweet and I am so lucky to spend this year's Christmas with him. :')
x Iris

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