Picture Perfect

Posted by Iris On 7:01 PM

Latest album from Every Avenue! Here's the tracklist:

1. For Always, Forever
2. Mindset
3. Tell Me I'm A Wreck
4. Picture Perfect
5. Happy The Hard Way
6. Girl Like That
7. Saying Goodbye

8. Finish What You Started
9. I Forgive You
10. The Story Left Untold
11. Clumsy Little Heart

The bold ones are my favorites but #5 gets me the most. After discovering them through their Shh. Just Go With It album, I must say that this band's really good and I MEAN IT. You gotta listen to this album and you'll know what I mean. I just wish these guys would tour Asia so they can go perform in the Philippines! I'd buy a ticket in a heartbeat!

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