Almost Christmas [12/16/2011]

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My wanderlust is growing, and I can always feel the thumping of my heart to it. Yesterday was rollercoaster. It didn't start as good as it's supposed to be but it turned out to be a really great day.

Tyler takes my heart away everytime we do something fun. I am happy. The wind was getting colder and I was feelin' the Christmas spirit already. 
I knew deep inside we had to go somewhere, somewhere special to spend the day. And so we headed to Alabang Town Center for a Friday night out.
I was starving when we left home so we went to NYFD first to get french fries. He offered to carry my coat and we walked holding hands.
NYFD is awesome - you're missing your life if you haven't tried it! We got the biggest cup and had 3 dips to choose from. Tyler got the Pepper Steak dip (which later on became his favorite) and 2 little dishes of my ever-favorite Honey Mustard for me.
We got Zagu for drinks - he had his mango puree smoothie and I had my usual Hazelnut Cappuccino. I couldn't ask for a simpler date, really. Just enjoying the things that I love with him is more than what I could even hope for. Sometimes I still get this moment of being starstruck that after half a year of long distance we're actually next to each other.
ATC garden with all its pretty lights
I wore my black & white lace dress underneath my black coat that night which I bought from an online store this week and the white ankle boots to match the outfit. Tyler said I was pretty, and I smiled. I was thankful to have a guy who'd rather love seeing me without makeup on.
My love (left); Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (right)

The night was just calm and breezy. There was piano music in the air and Christmas lights that looked like fireflies swarming the trees. We found a seating spot next to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where we settled and started eating. My long sleeves kept me from being cold; he looked at me again and smiled. I felt a little pause in my chest and I knew there's nothing else in the world that mattered. I told him I would miss him by the time he has to leave again. And I didn't wanna get sad right away so I just focused on munching on my food.
I asked him then, "if you had one wish for Christmas what would it be?" To which he replied, "would this be an immediate or a lifelong wish?" He was smart to answer that way and I told him how much of the people I knew would be safe to say, "to have more wishes". I was amazed at his wit so I told him he could wish anything his heart desires. "Marry me," he quickly replied. For some reason he still likes to ask me that question and I would still get that butterfly excitement I've always had since he proposed. My eyes kinda welled up with tears but I managed to pucker my lips to lick some honey mustard and say, "yes." I glanced upon my engagement ring; a happy thought about a future we are going to have together fluttered by. I've loved him since the beginning of everything. He was the epitome of my love at its fullest, our love stood time and distance. It's surreal how this time last year we were just apart and this year we're spending Christmas together.

Tyler doing Christmas shopping with me
We walked until our feet grew tired and I could feel my heels were taking toll on me. My camera's rechargeable batteries ran out of energy so I had to buy fresh ones after we ate just so I wouldn't miss taking pictures that day. We were just frolicking around when I found this...
LazerXtreme, a Lazertag arena just right above Tempura grill!

We didn't get to play Lazertag though, but at least I've managed to stare at its awesomeness for quite a while! Maybe next time, we will.
It was a fun and fulfilling date that we had. I've learned a lot of things in a day and realized that days go by faster than usual. I may have to keep track of our adventures so we have something to look back to when we miss being together.
Happy days with Tyler are always the best days of my life. It's like the flowers in full bloom during summer when we would celebrate our birthdays together in April. 
Somehow I kinda wish he would still linger until then.
x Iris 

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