Every day of every week felt like the same - it was monotonous and bland. So when I had the opportunity to paint my day brighter than anything else, I did.
I started the day with simbang gabi (early Christmas mass). Here in the Philippines it is a tradition that every Yuletide people attend mass at 4am. I didn't get much sleep that day so I just waited till the clock hit four.
A big crowd gathered outside the church. We came a bit late but just in time to hear the sermon. I kind of missed waking up early just for this.
Interior of the Sto. Nino de Molino Parish Church (front)
Back view of the church where the entrance is
Mama and Irylle after the mass. :)

Looking outside the van window
After the mass Irylle and I were chanting at the back seat proposing to Papa that we should go have breakfast at the newly-renovated McDonald's near RFC Molino since we're already outside - a wish which our father had eventually obliged.
On the way to McDonald's

My cup of hot chocolate
My little sister Irylle eating her pancake

Longganisa, rice and egg meal

Papa about to drink his coffee
Me, shot taken by Irylle
Breakfast @ McDonald's has always been sumptuous. We had pancakes, coffee and longganisa and rice; coffee and hot chocolate to wash down our meals. 
The new place was nice but as an interior design student I find the interior too common - the use of dark laminated MDF wood, graphic prints and vibrant colors of lime, turquoise and violet were all too cliche in my eyes; I guess it's because in my observation I have seen a lot of establishments with such design approach and that it's also because for me McDonald's trying its best to be a really modern and upscale fastfood.
I thought this branch would consider having a 2nd floor (since the other McDonald's Branch at the end of Molino Blvd has one) but they didn't; they just retained the place only improving the aesthetics and space planning of the area.
Lovely sunrise.
...part 02 to be continued.

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